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[SOLVED] Book Organizational Behavior in Health Care Nancy Borkowski 2nd Edition

Book Organizational Behavior in Health Care Nancy Borkowski 2nd Edition There are 4 questions to address in your response. Please set up your paper with each question as a heading for the corresponding response 4 page please. Font 10. Single spaced. PLEASE SPELL CHECK BEFORE HANDING IT IN! Scenario: Although you are an infectious disease physician having practiced at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for 25 years, you have chosen a career change to Healthcare Informatics and are currently the Vice President of Data Analytics at Presbyterian Healthcare System, Dallas, TX. You have just received a phone call from the corporate CEO that there are 8 confirmed cases of the Ebola virus in one of their affiliated hospitals Emergency Departments (ED). Your boss asks you to search the databases of all affiliated hospitals and create a patient list of any and all prior patients who were ever exposed to the virus and lived. It will be these people who will save the new 8 confirmed cases as their carrier cells can be used for/injected into the newly infected patients in hopes to create antibodies to ward off this disease. After hours of searching, your research uncovers just one person in the area who was ever exposed and lived. As a physician you know that for each carrier found, only 4 samples can be drawn. As youre processing this information, the CEO calls you back to inform you that hes just sent you an encrypted email that has some basic information on each patient that was gathered at the ED intake interview. He instructs you to reach out to some of your infectious disease physician colleagues to determine, using just these simple characteristics, which 4 should receive the injection. You have no time to waste. The Eight Patients Include: 1. A gay primary care physician. He is HIV positive and very nervous. Age 60 2. A black minister from Zimbabwe. Protestant. Speaks no English. Age 27 3. A prostitute. She served in the US army in Afghanistan but was broke and homeless upon her return. Age 37 4. A crippled boy. Paralyzed since birth. He can not use his hands so he must be fed by others. Age 8 5. A male Jewish restaurant owner. He is married with 3 children at home. Age 40 6. A catholic nun. Supervisor of a girls school. Age 46 7. An unemployed man. He has been married and divorced 3 times with 3 children (one from each marriage). Age 53 8. An Indian pharmacist. He told the ED physician in confidence that he was addicted to Oxycontin. He is married with a 3 year old son. Age 31. Questions to address in your response: 1. Which four patients would you choose to receive the vaccine and why? Tie in thoughts on diversity, personality and perception concepts, as well as motivation theories that may have led you to choose who you chose. 2. What communication concepts could you apply and what approach (es) would you take in communicating who you selected to your CEO. 3. Discuss the stress and conflict inherent in this situation from both an external/environment perspective as well as internal/personal perspective in having to make these choices. 4. Discuss your selection of colleagues that will assist you with this decision i.e. Are there essential group roles or team players that you feel are important to include? What type of team do you feel would best complete this task and why?

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[SOLVED] Book Organizational Behavior in Health Care Nancy Borkowski 2nd Edition
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