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[SOLVED] Capstone Statement “ Masters of Public Health

Capstone Statement “ Masters of Public Health The capstone project will be based on your capstone statement, a statement that reflects your intended capstone experience. For this assignment, submit your capstone statement. Instructions Select one capstone project path from below: Grant Development Data analysis and report Capacity building project Epidemiological Investigation Program planning, implementation and evaluation Survey development and implementation Community assessment Health policy statement/advocacy The capstone project statement will consist of three parts: 1. Rational on capstone project path. 2. Problem statement 3. General project expectations Parts 1 and 3 should be based on appropriate evidence. Part 2 is a single sentence that encapsulates your project. Your problem statement must be a detailed, single sentence that summarizes your project. The problem statement may be written as the six Ws: who, what, where, when, whom, and why. The ?Who? ? This is you, the MPH candidate. The ?What? ? This is your capstone project path. The ?Where? ? This is the environment(s) that will be used to complete the project. The ?When? ? This is the time period to complete your project. The ?Whom? ? This may indicate any other persons/populations associated with your project. The ?Why? ? This is the purpose of your project. Example problem statement During an 8 week period, the MPH candidate will design and implement a pain management community assessment for fibromyalgia patients in Seattle, Washington to study the need for health education efforts in the target population. Sample problem statement template During [the ?when?], the MPH candidate will [the ?what?] for [the ?who?] in [the ?where?] to [the ?why?].

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[SOLVED] Capstone Statement “ Masters of Public Health
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