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[SOLVED] Caring for the Adult with Complex Healthcare Needs Enquiry Based Learning 2

Please check the attached paper for the feedback and you rewrite that again
Essay instruction:
Reflection on learning and contribution to group work (20%)

• Reflect on your contribution to the group work and process of enquiry in one of
the cases studied. You are permitted to use a revised version of the formative
assignment submitted earlier in this module but you should demonstrate
awareness of, and response to, the feedback provided by the markers. You
should provide a brief explanation (100-200 words maximum) of how you
have responded to the feedback given on the earlier draft at the beginning
of this section.
• Select one learning experience which you have found interesting in your EBL
group since the beginning of the module. (Hint: It is suggested that you do not try
to cover an entire topic such as consent or breathlessness. Try to focus on an 19

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[SOLVED] Caring for the Adult with Complex Healthcare Needs Enquiry Based Learning 2
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event or issue which triggered your learning e.g. a diagram, a discussion, or a
photograph). Explain why you think this experience ‘triggered’ your learning.
• Critically reflect on the way in which the group analysed the issue and how you
participated in the discussion. Things to consider could be:
o Description: what was going on?
o What went well? And Why?
o What was my part in this?
o What could have been improved on?
o Why did this not happen?
o What have I learned from this?
o What aspects of this experience can I use in the future?
o How will I do things differently next time?

• You may wish to include a concept map as an appendix to illustrate the way in
which the issue was explored by the group.
• This is a reflective account and should be written in the first person (using I /
we and me).
• You may wish to use a reflective model to structure your thoughts.

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