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[SOLVED] Case Analysis ( Understanding how to manage patient issues)

– I am medical Imaging student , this subject about professional radiation issue .I have three case study can you select one of them and it is about Case Analysis ( Understanding how to manage patient issues).

– The cases are those where the management of a patient is not straight forward and require a high level of professional expertise and understanding to manage.
– aim to reflect your understanding of the sort of issues patients’ can bring into the situation and how they can be appropriately managed. The interactions can also affect the health professional managing the

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[SOLVED] Case Analysis ( Understanding how to manage patient issues)
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situation and those they work with.

The issues that the case raises will be
1.0 Introduction
2.0 discussed in terms of: the identified needs of the patient,
3.0 how you as a professional might manage those,
4.0 what you may need to consider in terms of your own well-being as a result of being involved with the case.
5.0 How the Radiographer would need to deal with these
6.0 conclusion
7.0 references around 10

for more information see the attached file

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