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[SOLVED] Case Introduction to Community Health

Case Introduction to Community Health Understanding conceptually a community is critical to understanding this course. After reading the appropriate articles and web sites listed on the Background page you should have a good understanding of what is a community and some of the differences between community health and public health. Case Study Assignment Expectations: in responding to the questions below, I want you to immerse yourself into this course and try to think œout of the box. Research points or questions you may not understand running key words through Google or another search engine. Remember, we don’t require examinations at TUI University but we do want you to demonstrate through the written word that you understand the key concepts presented in the course. Please briefly answer the following questions: Which factor do you believe most affects the health of the community? Generally, these factors are classified as physical factors, social and cultural factors, community organization, and individual behavior. Please justify your response. Define community, community health and public health. Discuss the domains of personal and community health within the context of the community. Discuss and explain community health practices and what are their relationship to promoting a healthy community. Explain health disparity and their causes? Identify the problems related to health disparity. Discuss and explain a particular Social Determinant of Health as described by Richard Wilkinson and Michael Marmot (WHO) that you consider to be the most important determinant of health that can be improved by changing or modifying public policy.

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[SOLVED] Case Introduction to Community Health
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