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[SOLVED] Change in Healthcare

Change is the theme of Week 5. Mark Twain is said to have uttered the following about change, ?It’s not the progress I mind, it’s the change I don’t like?. Utilizing the Ashford library, and other web-based resources, identify two healthcare organizations that have instituted transformational changes to promote/create learning organizations. Write a four to five page paper (excluding title and reference pages) covering the following points: What were the problems/issues that lead to the change or the needs for change? Who were the various stakeholders involved in the change? What time frame was involved in the change process? What financial resources were allocated for the change? What issues surfaced during the change process? What is/are the outcomes of the change? Are there institutional lessons learned from the change process? Include 4-6 references written within the last five years in your paper.

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[SOLVED] Change in Healthcare
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