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[SOLVED] Community and Population Health

Community and Population Health The Role of the Nurse in Emergency Preparedness Introduction Community health emergencies may involve different types of events such as tornado, an infectious disease, or an explosion. This module will enable you to explore a community health emergency and analyze how the emergency was handled, and determine the impact the emergency had on the population, individuals, groups, and society. Nursing responsibilities, education and activities in emergency preparedness are examined along with their role in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. Learning Activities Readings Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2011). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations. (5th ed.). St Louis, MO. Elsevier Saunders: Chapter 25-33. Web Resource for œHealthy People 2020 A free online curriculum for nursing students on immunizations: Sources/references may be taken from reliable internet resources such as Centers for Disease Control website. Question Choose one community emergency that occurred within the last 5 years nationally or internationally and based on the readings above. You are encouraged to review and explore a concern of interest to you that will increase your knowledge. Wikipedia, blogs, and websites based on personal opinions will not be accepted. Review local, state, or national prevention and control measures. Synthesize your community knowledge gained from completing the readings in the textbook, clinical practice experiences, and learning activities from completed modules. Use the Grading rubric for components and topic headings of this assignment. QUESTION # 2: ACUTE CARE NURSING: SEPARATE WORK, ONE PAGE ONLY (WITH APA REFERENCES). Why does the CVP increase in cardiogenic shock and decrease in distributive shock? Why does the SVR increase in cardiogenic shock and decrease in distributive shock? APA REFERENCE INSTRUCTIONS References (centered, not bolded), this is a separate page. Alphabetize the authors. Pay attention to spacing, last name, first, initial., then & last name, first initial (year). Etc., make sure you look at the rules for more than 7 authors, rule for what to italicize, rules for full dates, pages, etc.

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[SOLVED] Community and Population Health
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