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[SOLVED] Community Health Advocacy Project

Design a data collection tool that can be used with your aggregate population. Make sure the tool contains the following: Demographics”name, birth date, ethnicity, sex, education level, and so forth The questions that you came up with in Part One and any others that you feel would apply Two additional questions that would be consistent with the goals of Healthy People 2020 Data from reliable sources that answers each of the questions you asked 1. How to improve education in the Glade about HIV/AIDS and improve health disparities that exist there? 2. What are the accessible health care in the Belle Glades area for HIV/AIDS patients and how to ensure they have access to such care? 3. What government programs are currently in place to assist with the education and treatment of HIV/AIDS patients in the Glades and what improvement is needed?ORDER YOUR ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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[SOLVED] Community Health Advocacy Project
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