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[SOLVED] Community Health: What effects if any, have been demonstrated for this type of architectural design?

Community Health1) What effects if any, have been demonstrated for this type of architectural design? (200 words with 1 reference) With the increasing in the health of the individuals on the world wide basis, the field of architecture has innovated new ways of designing the buildings using the structures that are environmentally friendly. The implication brought here is that there are various factors in the people’s lives that have been influenced, and therefore affect their welfare. This mode of design adds value to the pre-existing models of building in aspects such as the economy, their satisfactory or utility to the users of the buildings, durability of the buildings and the comfort derived from the same (Bauer, Mosle & Schwarz, 2009). There are diverse effects that have been demonstrated by the green structures architectural design designed to reduce the consequences on the environment and the health issues of the people. The main effects that have been identified to be portrayed by this mode of building design include the reduction in wastes, pollution and degradation of the environment. This is due to the assertion that there is efficiency in the usage of the natural resources such as energy and water. When the stated resources are well protected through the use of the green buildings it is definite that the individuals’ health will be preserved and their productivity will also be enhanced. This has an insinuation that the economy will be developed and also improves the social lives of the people due to protected health.2) What are the implications for future building design, if any? (200 words with 1 reference)The implications of the green buildings for the future design are diverse and are seen as being significant to both the environment and the individuals at large. This is because people interact directly with the environment, through the use of the natural resources such as water, energy and air. The green buildings design will enhance savings on the cots of energy. This is because the buildings designed and set up using the green buildings models’ processes facilitate energy savings, and therefore they are projected to reduce the energy bills considerably as time progresses (Kibert, 2008). This means that the costs that are saved on energy is used in developing other economically viable sectors. The adoption of the green buildings will reduce the amount of wasted that are disposed off in the environment. The implication here is that the environment will be improved and therefore lead to the reduction in the cases of illnesses among the individuals in the society. The green buildings are asserted to be useful as they will enhance centralized waste treatment and therefore aid in the production of the other useful by products such as fertilizer. This means that the agricultural sectors of various nations will be developed and therefore increase the economic productivity of such nations. Basically the societal or social and economical aspects of people will have to develop as there will be conservation of the natural resources meant to facilitate the productivity of the economy and thus good life for people. 3) In your community (Tampa, Florida) what environment issues may cause health problems? (200 words) As stated previously, the environmental issues are diverse and they usually have different effects on the people’s lives. The effects are always negative and therefore affect the health statuses of the people. By way of example, in our community, Tampa, Florida, the environmental issues that lead to the health problems include the pollution of the environment, more specifically water pollution due to the dumping of the industrial and the household wastes in the water bodies. The effect is that the water is rendered unfit for consumption and also kills the marine organisms. Sometimes the aquatic organisms feed on the chemicals which accumulate in their bodies and once they are eaten by man they cause health problems. Apart from the water pollution, the industrial wastes in form of smoke, especially from the industries also causes health problems. The trees are also cut at an alarming rate for construction of the buildings and making of furniture, this depletion of such resources has also played a significant role in the cause of the health problems (Kibert, 2008). The implication of brought here is that the changes in the ecosystem, like the pollution of the water sources, cutting down of the trees and the smoke and the dust particle emitted in the atmosphere influence the health of the people negatively and may result into diseases such as brain cancer, airborne and other waterborne diseases. 4) How is your local health department handling these issues? (200 words) The local health department has set up strategies to reduce environmental pollution and disposal of wastes by the people. This has been done by organizing fairs and exhibitions on the significance of conserving the environment, for instance encouraging people to plant trees and not cutting them down. The local health department has also liaised with the ministry in charge of issues related to the environment so as to curb the continuous discharge of the wastes by the firms and the individuals into the rivers and other water bodies. There have been stringent rules that have been established to convict those who pollute the environment; both organizations and the individuals so that there can be reduced negative effects of environmental issues on the health statuses of the individuals (Bauer, Mosle & Schwarz, 2009). The individuals which violate the restrictions set forth by the department are sued and appropriate action taken against them. The department is also actively engaged in providing educational information to the locals to embrace the need of having a clean environment. Generally, the environmental issues are difficult to address, and therefore this has an insinuation that it ought to be done persistently; this is what the health department in our locality has taken into consideration so as to avoid the continuous health problems resulting from the environmental issues. Above all, the department is also encouraging the locals to adopt the green buildings plan so as to evade the negative consequences associated with environmental degradation (Kibert, 2008). Reference Bauer, M, Mosle, P & Schwarz, M., (2009). Green Building: Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture. New York: Springer. Kibert, C., (2008). Sustainable construction: green building design and deliveryWiley book on sustainable design. Edition2, London: John Wiley and Sons.

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[SOLVED] Community Health: What effects if any, have been demonstrated for this type of architectural design?
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