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[SOLVED] Community planning, implementation and evaluation: Health Promotion Program

1. The aggregate description is specific in the focus section of the diagnosis table.(SEE THE DIAGNOSIS TABLE ON THE LAST PAGE) Including the age range would be helpful for program planning as well as their education level. As for the number of diagnoses only one is required that is validated with the aggregate and key informants as significant to them. As for the etiology, this depends on the information and data that you have collected from the assessment. Once you have the diagnosis components clear then you will see that the diagnosis gives direction for the program that you will develop is to create a program that is based on the results of your assessment. Then based on the concepts and theory of this course choose 2 approaches and compare and contrast their strength and limitations. There are 3 approaches to a program (socio-environmental, biomedical and behavioral approach ) that are discussed in the texts. Include a definition that is supported by literature. Discuss in terms of how the processes and outcomes would have been described, measured, etc. using the different approaches. Include how each approach would influence the choices made within the program. Include what the community nurse’s role would be for each of these approaches as it relates to your program, for example, the nurses role (what would they do differently / how would they approach things differently / what would they evaluate that might be different from the behavioural perspective) if a socio-environmental view was taken?. 2. Start with introduction stating the purpose and strategy 3. Give a brief description of the aggregate and specify the priority community diagnosis that will be used to help develop the program. 4. (Develop a program outline using the elements of program planning. The program logic model is a useful strategy. See the chapters 15, 16, and 17 in the Canadian community as partner text ( 3rd edition) or starting on page 236 in the Stamler and Yui text (3rd ed.) relating to program planning and evaluation for a guide. ?Using a model such as the program LOGIC MODLEL to help you create a structure of each of the components in your proposal would add credibility with outside sources; the main elements of the program are captured and it depicts the cause-and-effect relationship between the program and its outcomes. Resources and constraints of the program must be identified throughout the program outline. ?When discussing goals or strategies for the diagnosis, planning the interventions or evaluation for your program, remember the SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, and Realistic to achieve, and have a Time line) that provides a succinct format and clearly outlines the parameters for the planning implementation and evaluation process. Include with each objective a time frame for attaining the change, the direction and magnitude of the change i.e. immunization levels at school entry will increase to 97%, the method for measuring the change e.g., After the session, each participant will demonstrate¦It produces more precise objectives than improved, increase or decrease.Indicators need to be specified for each objective), activities (actions mapped out in sequence to deliver program to reach goals), resources (list to successfully carry out the intervention e.g. personnel, materials, training, promotional expenses) Integrate program planning with evaluation. These will be important for outside evaluators as well as the people participating in the program to check on their progress. Also, think of ways to keep track of the processes (the how to piece) of making a program work. Evaluation indicators are also definitely a piece of this assignment. You will likely need to address in some ways the process indicators (the how does the program work “ and how will you make sure it is working this way) as well as outcome indicators (what do you expect to see if the program works). -Include the role of the Community Health Nurse in the process and also how the aggregate would be involved in the planning. Including the aggregate in the validation of the community diagnosis as well as when designing the program is important to include and support with literature. Ensure all the points are addressed on the marking criteria and that you use a variety of references to support the discussion.

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[SOLVED] Community planning, implementation and evaluation: Health Promotion Program
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