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[SOLVED] Health of Older Adults

The submission date for Assessment 3 is approaching. May I take the opportunity to remind you of a few things:
1. Assessment 3 is a report, not an essay. A report has certain structure. For example, a PhD thesis is a report, and it has a clear structure and writing flow. When writing Assessment 3, you need to write

sentences and paragraphs, not dot points. Please do include the subheadings provided to help you structure the report.

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[SOLVED] Health of Older Adults
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2. In-text references are NOT included in word count.

Based on one of the case studies provided below and drawing on evidence-based literature, analyse the client’s details to identify and prioritise key health problems, related nursing goals and interventions

aimed at achieving safe and quality care for that client, including discharge planning.

Your report should include the following:

Introduction (100)
Identify the case and outline the purpose and structure of the report.

Assessment (100)
Identify two nursing assessment tools that you would use to develop a current profile of your client’s health status and explain your choice.

Client’s Health Problems (300)
Identify THREE (3) health problems specific to your client and prioritise these problems to ensure safe and quality care of your client. Justify the prioritisation you decided.

Goals (150)
Based on the health problem you prioritised as the most urgent, identify 2 goals or desired outcomes for your client.

Interventions (350)
Identify two interventions for each of the 2 goals and provide rationales for interventions.

Discharge (300)
Identify at least 4 key issues the client might face after discharge. What are the strategies you are going to use to address these issues?

Conclusion (100)
Summarise the major points of this report, and stress the importance of the report.

Please refer to the Harvard Referencing System to accurately complete the reference list.

Academic Writing Requirements
Please refer to information in the assessment folder on the course Learnonline site.

Case study ONE
At 08:45AM, Mr David King was admitted to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department in the company of his wife Mary.
David King is a 71 year old male who is a retired accountant, and lives at home with his wife. David is independent, and remains active; playing tennis and golf, walking his dog and spending time with his three

grand-children. David has no significant past medical history and only self-administers over-the-counter analgesics for headaches, of which he has experienced many in recent months. David’s parents died

some years ago from “heart issues” and David seems to remember something about “blood pressure problems” with his father.
You were informed by Mr King’s wife and paramedics that this morning at approximately 07:30AM, David was found slumped upstairs in the shower by his wife. The right side of his body was flaccid and

Mary reported that his face and mouth had drooped. He had difficulty communicating; with slurred speech. David could not manage to raise his arms. David was also incontinent of urine.


Case study TWO
On the morning shift, you are assigned to care for 82 year old patient, Mrs Mable Harris, who just had an operation 16 hours ago due to an unwitnessed fall at Bayview Lodge, a residential aged care facility.
She was admitted post being found by Nursing Home staff on the floor next to her bed with the walking stick some distance away from her. She was conscious and lucid. Her right leg was noticeably shorter

and appeared to be externally rotated. On assessment there appeared to be no other obvious injuries. She was transported to hospital via ambulance. Mabel was informed by the medical staff at the hospital

that she will require surgery. She is expected to be in hospital for seven to ten days and may require a period of rehabilitation following discharge.
Mabel has a past history of osteoarthritis and according to the nursing staff ‘always seems to have a cough or a cold’. Mabel is an ex-smoker and is currently prescribed an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic

for joint pain. She uses a stick in the care facility when mobilising, however, when she goes out on day leave with her family (Mabel has two daughters and a son) she requires the use of a frame for mobility.
Around 08:00AM, you notice inflammation in her lower leg and she complains of pain in her left leg. The pain score is 7/10.

I prefer Australian references
Please follow the above structure + upload file
The tutor need to check references throught the libraries or website Please make sure these references are easily to access

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