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[SOLVED] Lateral violence in nursing

Lateral violence in nursing

Lateral violence is defined as any unwarranted bullying, harassment, aggression or hostile behavior in the workplace. Lateral violence towards nurses is hostility by a nurse or group of nurses in a position of seniority to a nurse or group of nurses with a junior status. Lateral violence on nurses can be meted out from superior to nurse or from nurse to nurse.   Any verbal or physical abuse qualifies as lateral violence.

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[SOLVED] Lateral violence in nursing
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Nursing students who go through lateral violence during training experience a mental change that ends up affecting their relations with colleagues and patients in the future. Students who are violated experience great stress and some end up getting sicknesses while practicing the nursing profession. The nursing profession is one that requires a great deal of care and attention to detail. After these experiences of violation, the nurses end up changing the attitude they had in their first year of practice.

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