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[SOLVED] My drug is (Ondansetron)

I need you answer these questions to write each answer under question.  My drug is (Ondansetron).  Please use peer review for articles which use to answer these questions.  Please use all Australian website when needed.  Please use Bryant, B. & Knights, K., 2011, ‘Legal and Ethical Foundations of Pharmacotherapy’ in Pharmacology for Health Professionals, 3rd Edition, Mosby, Please follow the structure guidelines which attached.  Please avoid plagiarism and Wikipedia website to get information.  Please I need you to write original assignment, and please don’t give my assignment for any client to avoid plagiarism because may some client request the assignment.  I have attached questions which you need to answer.  I have attached file under name ( how to write this essay) so please is very important to guide you how to write this assignment.  Please upload all articles and materials which you have used for this assignment.


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[SOLVED] My drug is (Ondansetron)
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Section 1: Introductory Concepts 1. Regarding the availability of drugs in Australia use a FLOW diagram and arrows to illustrate the links between: • Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS) • Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing • Australian Register of Tehrapeutic Goods (ARTG) • National Medicines Policy (NMP) • Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) • Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) • South Australian Ambulance Service (SAS) • The Therapeutics Good Act (1989) • The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) (10 marks) Section 2: National Medicines Policy and the Quality Use of Medicine 2. Link to “How to develop and implement a national drug policy” WHO Policy Perspectives on Medicine, January 2003. LIST the key components of a national drug policy. (10 marks) 3. Link to click on Quality Use of Medicines and down load the document titled ‘The National Strategy for Quality Use of Medicines’. Read carefully the section on responsibilities of the key partners in achieving QUM. As a potential paramedic, discuss how you will support the Quality Use of Medicines. (10 marks) Section 3: Drug information resources for Australian health care professionals 4. As a paramedic, it is essential to have a personal list of appropriate drug information resources that you will consult when necessary. These may include textbooks, practice guidelines, journals and online material. In your workbook: • List the drug information resources (including the full citation) that you have identified and consider appropriate (e.g. Therapeutic Guidelines). • Provide an explanation of the reasons for including each resource in your personal list. • Identify the limitations of each of these drug information resources. (10 marks) Section 4: Over-The-Counter & Complementary and Alternative Medicines 5. For this Workbook Learning Activity select either St John’s Wort or Hawthorn Leaf. • Search the literature for the herb you have selected • List the conditions for which the herb is used • List any precautions or contraindications regarding use of the herb in any particular patient group • Copy and paste the abstracts from 2 peer reviewed journal articles that provide clinical evidence of either the effectiveness of the herb, or lack of effectiveness of the herb, for the treatment of any of the conditions you have listed in the second bullet point. The journal articles should describe clinical trials where the herb has been compared to placebo or a conventional (prescribed) drug normally used for that condition.



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