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[SOLVED] Safer Nurse Patient Ratios

?1.Select a nurse practice problem that needs to be addressed. (nurse patient ratios)
2.Use the headings below for each section.
3.Use a minimum of seven (7) references (scholarly, peer reviewed) references.
4.Begin with a brief paragraph that provides an overview. The last sentence of this paragraph should begin “The purpose of this assignment is to…”
5. (heading) The Problem
two-three paragraphs
6. (heading) Practice Change
explain the evidence based change you are proposing. two-three paragraphs
7. (heading) Evidence Supporting Your Proposed Change
describe evidence that supports, at least 2 research studies. three-four paragraphs.
8. (heading) Evaluating The Change
identify how you plan to evaluate the effect of the change
9. (heading) Summary
one paragraph summary of main points

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[SOLVED] Safer Nurse Patient Ratios
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