Computer Science Criminology

[SOLVED] The global issue of Obesity (Health)

The requirements:
*Use the data from the survey(questionnaire) to structure a formal report which concludes with recommendations to your client
*Incorporate at least five appropriate secondary sources ( additionally to the main source which is

The Topic:

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[SOLVED] The global issue of Obesity (Health)
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As a global organisation the United Nations addresses “issues that transcend national boundaries. It is important for international students to not only be aware of these issues but to take an active role in their

The task is to conduct primary research to determine:

1. What information students need about this issue

2. How they can contribute to the issue’s resolution

3. How YDIC (Yellow Door International Collage) could support students taking an active role in these issues.

Then, use the data to make recommendations to YDIC management in order to introduce student involvement in global issues as an aspect of foundation program

(((The requirements in detail)))

(All sections are numbered with decimalised numbering system)

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background ( a paragraph adresses:

•Why is the research important in general?

• Support with secondary source

• Why is YDIC interested in conducting this research?

• Why should the topic be of interest to international students

• who is involved in terms ofthe client? (This research is authorised on … 2014 and (so and so) is interested in compeleting foundation program , and the due date for this research is … 2014)

• When will the report befinished?

• What will happen once the report is finalised?

1.2 Objectives

Purpose of research – be consistent with what is on survey cover sheet

•Why is research being conducted?

I wrote in the survey cover sheet that the purpose is : ( to investigate the feasibility to involve international students at YDIC in gobal issue of

Obesity as a part of a foundation program)

1.3 Methodology

Step-by-step account as to how research was conducted

• Identify research instrument (2 papers include 12 questions)

• Details about research instrument

(12 questions in three parts: 1st: Knowledge about obesity. 2nd: involve students in this issue. 3rd: involve YDIC in this issue.

• Identify sampling method

(convenience = I chose the participants rondomly)

• Details about participants

(20 participants from 10 countries

Enrolled in these YDIC courses :

9 foundation students , 9 PAD student and 2 Diploma students)

• Demographic data

( I will do it)

Where/when research conducted?

e.g. 2nd May

1.4 Scope

• Boundaries of research – spesific areas of focus of questionnaire

• Identify sources on which report is based

(1 as analysis to 4 questions from the questionnaire + 5 secondary sources)

• Omissions of data and reasons

(Reasons of eliminating the 6 questions from analysis + reasons of strengthening the 4 questions we will analyse)

• Limitations

2.0 Findings and conclusions

( divided into sections)

( analysis of 4 questions from the questionnaire= that means we wil have 4 findings and 4 conclusion :

2.1.1 finding

2.1.2 conclusion

2.2.1 finding

2.2.2 conclusion

2.3.1 finding

2.3.2 conclusion

2.4.1 finding

2.4.2 conclusion

They analyse the questions discussing the details and the figures

( I will put the graphs, but you just say : As in figure 1 , 2 and so on

It’s 4 graph = 1 graph each analysis)

3.0 Recommendations

based on our conclusions

i.e. So and so advices to take the following actions

3.1 (beginning with action verbs e.g. Support …)

evedince to support




( here we put the rest of the sources, I mean the quotes, after we have already put one of them in the Background)


Reference List

((((( the questionnaire and the information I got from distributing it )))))

1- Where are you from (E.g. China, Colombia or India)

The answeres I got from the participants:

Colombia= 6

India= 4

China= 3

Vietnam= 1

Chile= 1

Sri Lanka = 1

Thailand= 1

Hong Kong= 1

Nigeria= 1

Mongolia= 1

2- In which YDIC course are you currently enrolled ( E.g. Foundation, Diploma or PAD etc.)?

The answeres I got from the participants:

Foundation= 9

PAD= 9

Diploma= 2

3- Do you suffer from obesity, or any of your relatives?

The answeres I got from the participants:

Yes= 3

No= 17

4- Do you believe that obesity is hereditary, related to genes, disease?

The answeres I got from the participants:

Yes= 13

No= 7

5- Are you of those who eat during watching TV, studying or sitting at office?

The answeres I got from the participants:

Yes= 16

No= 4

6- Do you believe that women are more prone to obesity than men?

The answeres I got from the participants:

Yes= 9

No= 11

7- What do you believe are the main causes of obesity? ( please tick one or two causes only)

a- Lack of activity

b- Alcohol abuse

c- The convenience due to modern technologies

d- Inherited characteristics

e- Psychological reasons

The answeres I got from the participants:

a= 17

b= 6

c= 10

d= 1

e= 4

8- To what extend do you agree withthe suggested solution to obesity for junk food to be taxed at a higher rate?

The answeres I got from the participants:

Strongly agree= 12

Agree= 5

No opinion= 2

Disagree= 1

Strongly disagree= 0

9- How important do you think these solutions to be done by an overweightperson as an individual? ( please rank the following in order of importance from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most important)

a- Doing regular exercise

b- Following a low-calorie diet

c- Undergoing bariatric surgery ( a surgery performed as a treatment of obesity)

d- Getting herbal treatment and traditional medicine

e- Surrendering to obesity

The answeres I got from the participants:


Rank 1 = 13 , Rank 2 = 3 , Rank 3 = 2 , Rank 4 = 0 , Rank 5 = 1


Rank 1 = 3 , Rank 2 = 10 , Rank 3 = 2 , Rank 4 = 3 , Rank 5 = 1


Rank 1 = 2 , Rank 2 = 0 , Rank 3 = 9 , Rank 4 = 9 , Rank 5 = 5


Rank 1 = 0 , Rank 2 = 4 , Rank 3 = 11 , Rank 4 = 4 , Rank 5 = 0


Rank 1 = 1 , Rank 2 = 2 , Rank 3 = 1 , Rank 4 = 3 , Rank 5 = 12

10- How concerned are you, as a YDIC student, about the prevalence of obesity, especially in Australia?

The answeres I got from the participants:

Very concerned= 4

Concerned= 10

Do not Know= 4

Unconcerned= 1

Completely disinterested= 1

11-If YDIC presented a lecture about obesity, how interested would you be in participating in this lecture?

The answeres I got from the participants:

Very interested= 5

Interested= 11

Do not Know= 1

Uninterested= 1

Totally uninterested= 2

12- What are your other suggestions for YDIC and international students on how to be effectively involved in solving obesity problem?

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